Partner 12 - UNITUS

1. Laboratory implied: Laboratory of Mycology and Forest Pathology (LaMFoP)

2. Description of the laboratory (ies): The LaMFoP belongs to the Unit of Plant Pathology and is leaded by Prof. A. Vannini and Dr. A.M. Vettraino. LaMFoP participates and coordinates a large number of national and international projects focusing on epidemiology and monitoring of native and invasive plant pathogenic fungi, including soil borne (Phytophthora, Fusarium), stem and crown pathogens. Particular skills have been developed in situ monitoring and diagnosis of fungal pathogens and assemblages of microorganisms.

3. Names of persons implied : Prof. Andrea Vannini, Prof. Paolo Capretti, Dr. Anna Maria Vettraino

4. Person in charge of the project at Unitus: Prof. Andrea Vannini

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