Partner 9 - PKU

1. Structure implied: Ecology department

2. Description of the laboratory (ies): The research group of the Ecology department has made successful estimation of the carbon stocks and the changes in China’s major biomes over the last two decades, and tries to find how the carbon stocks are correlated to forest species richness at national scale. They have also started a large scale eco-physiological survey of the dominant plants in typical ecosystems across China’s temperate grasslands and forests from northern to southern China. Additionally, they successfully modelled and predicated terrestrial vegetation net primary production for China and the global, using integrated ecological and atmospheric inverse models (CASA and ORCHIDEE).

3. Persons implied : Dr. Jing-Yun Fang & Dr. Jin-Sheng He

4. Person in charge of the project at PKU: Dr. Jin-Sheng He

5. Link: